Black Dragon Pearl Tea

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The hand-harvested whole leaf tea which is hand-rolled into the pearls.
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The leaves are of dark copper almost brown shade of color. As the leaves are hand-rolled into small pearls, it is easier to dose them. Dry tea leaves are of the aroma of roasted nuts and fresh haystack. In order to prepare a cup of tea, we recommend to steep the leaves with hot water for 3-5 minutes.


Color of the infusion has a medium intensity with brown shades resembling light roast coffee beans. If you are an attentive consumer, you might feel not only the aroma of cocoa, chocolate and cherry liquor, but also might get surprised by the notes of a soaked cork of an old Bordeaux.The overall taste is very harmonic and balanced. Its body is full with notes of chocolate, barley malt, dried figs and maple syrup. Medium bodied aftertaste leaves an enjoyable film in the mouth, making this tea the perfect companion to various types of food.