The Quality of Tea

Fine tea includes only 3 undamaged top leaves from the tea tree, known as tips, which are hand-picked. The smaller the leaves are, the better taste it has. Larger leaves are used for the chopped tea – known as tea bags which can be bought in almost every shop. 

How to recognize fine tea?  

The answer is pretty simple – fine tea contains as many bright leaves as possible. In fact, these are undeveloped leaves which are also called „bud“. Larger number of white leaves suggests fine tea.

Where do they grow fine tea? 

Fine tea can be grown in areas without extreme temperature fluctuations. These are places with warm winters and mild summers. Of course, a suitable type of soil plays a very important role, as well. We have decided for tea from the provinces of Fujinan and Yunnan where the tea is grown at an altitute of 1000 meteres or more above sea level. Even though higher altitute slows growth, it has positive effect on the quality of tea. 

What does influence the quality of tea? 

The quality of tea is influenced by several factors: 

Altitude – tea grown in higher altitude usually has smaller leaves. The size of the leave growing on the tea plant impacts its quality. The smaller the leave is, the better the tea tastes. Our tea grows in altitude 1000 metres above sea level. 

Variety – tea itself comes from plant Camellia Sinesis. In China and Japan variety Sinesis is grown which has smaller leaves. In India, variety Assamica is planted which leaves are much bigger. 

Time of picking – Leaves of tea plant are picked in 15 days interval. Picking the leaves during earlier months of the year contributes to softer taste. It is favoured predominantly at the the asian markets. We have decided to follow this path and therefore we offer you tea which is picked in the months of April – May. We consider earlier picking times to be especially important for green teas. On the other hand, fine black tea can also be obtained from later summer picking. 

How can I recognize a fine tea bag? 

Leaves used in bagged tea are received by chopping of larger lower leaves. Mostly, it is a combination of tea leaves from various provinces. Nevertheless, also this way of tea processing can be considered for art. However, if you have a feeling that your bagged tea is missing some lemon or sugar, then your tea is of lower quality.